Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Projections Revisited

Hello everyone... it has come to my attention that I haven't updated this blog since forever. So, you may wonder, how's it going?

Short term goals:
  • Get out of debt. Accomplished! No car payments, no credit cards, nothing owed aside from the usual PMA academy tuition, car insurance, and various other organizational dues that crop up here and there. My net worth might be small now, but it is growing.

  • Renew my committment to music. I'm a music teacher, through and through. I still teach during the weekends, and some of my students have really shined through, and are pushing me to practice for THEIR lessons! :)
  • Restore connections both old and new. I've managed to get back in touch with some old friends. Schedule still makes it difficult, but it's an ongoing process I'd like to continue

Long term goals:

  • Become independent. Still saving... I'm buying equipment here and there that probably is putting a dent on some of the progress, but it is inexorable now.
  • Become a student again. I have certain plans for this, but they still need to be solidified. More later.
  • Become a professor. This needs to wait... see above.
  • Become a husband. I've found somebody really special very recently... she knows who she is. First we need to sort out all the various issues and peccadilloes we each have to test our compatibility, but I'm feeling optimistic about what we have so far.
  • Become a father. Twinkle in my eye only so far. Someday, hopefully.