Sunday, August 12, 2007


* blows the dust off the webpage *

Sorry! Been neglecting this page for quite a while! I blame... Facebook.

It's been a bit rough the past month... most of the students had gone into vacation mode, and that occasionally digs me into a financial hole. Consider that I made $975 in private lessons in June, and made $375 in July... and you get the picture.

I went to bartending school to have something to fall back on just in case... and now I'm looking at A+/Network+ certification courses to start an IT job. Suffice to say, these lessons are expensive, but I think they are a means towards a weekday and/or day job... I have debts to pay, training I want to add, and someone special that I want to work towards supporting, and the musician gig alone is not going to cut it anymore.

That said, I'll still be teaching the lessons, just most likely only on the weekends... I'll still be at COS doing the conducting thing...

Teaching the language of music is still what I do... it just won't be the only thing I'll have to do anymore.